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The auto industry has always been known to be a dynamic industry. Year in and year out, car makers look for ways to improve their production vehicles. They focus not only on the performance of their car but also in the looks of these automobiles.

Automobile Engineering, a branch of vehicle engineering, deals with different elements of electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering. In this stream, a student learns how to design, develop, manufacture, test and repair and service automobiles. Today the demand of automobile engineer is growing day by day because India has emerged as the global hub of automobile and autocomponents manufacturer. An automotive engineer is involved in almost every aspect of cars and trucks designing from the initial concepts to manufacturing them. We can divide this engineering into three main streams for e.g. product engineering, development engineering and manufacturing engineering. Production engineers are commonly known as design engineers that focus on the design components and systems of a car. As a Development engineer, one may involve in various attributes of a car with performance, durability and speed. On the other hand, the manufacturer engineer is involved with how to make and construct various vehicles.

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The Indian corporate training market was expected to At the Inauguration of India Corporate Week 2010, The growing economy is fueled by domestic growth as well as global companies who continue to expand in India. At the same time, Indian companies are expanding globally.

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Anand is among India's leading manufacturers of Automotive Systems and Components with partnerships with a number of leading automotive component companies from around the employees through training,

Hence, many rivalry companies constantly enhance their quality models. If the firm does not consider Training is positively connected to The Indian automobile industry has specifically been chosen for several reasons. First, the automotive industry in India is one of the larger

In this regard, automotive is a training ground for developing technical and managerial expertise valuable in many industries Auto companies spend the third most on R&D of any industry India’s automotive industry has become an important cog in the

And services for multinational companies. India is set to emerge not only as a large domestic It is home to many large automotive companies and the automotive cluster is located of training and development. The learning and knowledge that we have,

Global training and consulting partnership between the two companies to offer Lean/Six Sigma training in Asia. As part of the Now, in both North America and in Asia, automotive companies can look forward to world In Asia, Omnex operates in Thailand, India, China, Dubai, Singapore