Selecting The Right Auto Mechanic Training Program

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Your big day is about to arrive: college graduation! As you prepare for life in the working world, you will discover that the friendships you developed with classmates in your mechanic program can provide a foundation with which to kickstart your career ambitions.

We are currently living in something of an automotive renaissance, one that very few people would have predicted just a few short years ago. However, with innovative technologies emerging and taking over traditional car mechanics and manufacturing, and a much quick return to health at a number of major car makers, the automotive industry remains a huge force on the North American economy and job market.

And while this resurgence of the industry offers tremendous career opportunities, it also makes competition for work that much fiercer. Car lovers looking to break into the auto world will need to have three things when looking for work:

  • certification or education at an auto career training program
  • experience of some kind, either through past jobs or with co-op or internship opportunities at auto mechanic schools
  • an extensive network of contacts

It may be sad to say, but it’s still very much the case that success is often contingent on who you know, and there may be no better way to get to know people in the auto repair industry than through a mechanic career training program. Some of the very best of these schools and programs will involve expert instructors who have worked in the industry (and who may still have ties to it). In addition, classmates and students are all future aids in the search for a well-paying and fulfilling career. in fact, with this kind network, a job opportunity will often come to you (without having to look for it).

In short: developing and maintaining connections with others in your profession can help you start your career.

Interestingly enough, though, keeping in regular contact with the other graduates of your mechanic program can also help you develop your career down the road. Your contacts could help you:

  •   get a job and find a new one in the case of job loss
  • find service providers
  • get new clients
  • find new employees to fill positions in your company
  • make the right management and staff choices

Auto mechanic training, in other words, can provide far more than skills and knowledge. It can provide a support network that can last a lifetime.

So, after you enroll, take that extra effort. Be the first to host a post-graduation BBQ. Start a class newsletter. Organize monthly outings for fellow graduates of your mechanic program to get together on an informal basis. The many benefits will be mutual.

Contact the Automotive Training Centre for more information on their Auto Training Programs.

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4 Things To Look For In An Auto Mechanic School

The great thing about an automobile maintenance career is that it will always be in demand. People love their cars, and cars will always require maintenance, from routine preventative care to the occasional overhaul. If automobiles are your passion and you enjoy fixing things then a career as an auto mechanic may be for you. Whether you are starting out with your career choice or making a change, you should know the things to look for in an auto mechanic school because the right beginning lays the perfect foundation for a successful career.

4 Things To Look For:

  1.  A quality auto maintenance program will offer the most up-to-date and practical information. Look for a school that is dedicated to staying on top of the latest auto technologies and innovations. Their instructors and staff should have real-world experience as well as the drive to stay current with automobile trends and changes.
  2.  Top-notch schools will provide hands-on training to help students gain practical and useful experience. This starts with in-class shop training and culminates with auto mechanic apprenticeship. A school with apprentice programs will allow students to garner very valuable real world experience and connections that are vital parts of any career’s success.
  3.  Flexibility in class schedules and training options: a quality program recognizes that students can come from all walks of life and have diverse needs. You can rest assured you’ve found a caring and quality auto mechanic school program if they have a range of day and evening classes as well as flexible full-time and part-time options.
  4.  As well as an Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship program, a good auto mechanic school will offer job placement assistance when you graduate. Dedicated schools will reach out to mechanic shops, dealerships, and other employers in the automotive industry to maintain connections and procure opportunities for their students and graduates. By maintaining a presence in the community and building a strong reputation of turning out knowledgeable and competent workers, a quality school will be able to be there for their students every step of the way.

Choosing the right auto mechanic school is an important part of laying the foundation for a successful career in the automotive field. Finding a school that offers the most current training, has the most experienced instructors, and has the dedication to support you through every step will make it possible to meet your career goals. The automotive industry offers a lot of exciting opportunities for those seeking an ever-growing and changing career, especially if you love cars or enjoy solving puzzles.

If you’re looking into an automotive career, make sure to look for a place that offers the right fit and level of support.

Visit Automotive Service Centres for more information on other careers, like auto technician training.

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