Automotive Training Facilities

In the recently held National Hot Rod Association Museum in Pomona, Calif, the automotive experts while discussing future of the industry, focused on the role of automotive industry technology in changing the industry and expressed concern about the availability of qualified talent. In the discussion held, the necessity to reach young people early, recruiting them in automotive industry for their career and imparting top-notch technical training to suit industry was largely emphasized. The continuous growth in the number of vehicles is likely to create new jobs for workers performing basic maintenance and repairs in global automotive industry, including USA. More entry level workers with technical trainings will be needed.

FACILITIES California Smog & Automotive Institute occupies approximately 8500 square feet in two separate buildings. The campus over 2 years by supplementing the automotive training with instruction in English, basic mathematics, computer

BMW has just announced intentions to launch a second sales and service facility of Bird Automotive, its dealer partner in Gurgaon. The ambitious endeavors will sprawl across 110,000 square feet of an uber modern 4S facility. Nice.

EDUCATION 12/26/13 RESOURCE: Youth Automotive Training Center (YATC) Contact: Erin C. Lane, Student Services Advisor Address: 399 SW Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue

Regional Automotive Center (757) 822-5000 Contact Information TCC Automotive Technology. dedicated to cutting-edge automotive training. Courses include engine performance, alternative fuel vehicles, and suspensions and brake repair to name a few, and are

The 40 service bays in Seminole Community College's state-of-the-art Professional Automotive Training Center are filled with the sort of vehicles you would expect to see in a school environment — a faded Ford Taurus, a battered white Chevrolet pickup.

100 Weldon Boulevard | Sanford, FL 32773 | Press Release Media Contact: Shelley Ouellette 407.448.2684 SCC’s new Automotive Training Center moves from dream to reality

Jim Morton, Instructor Automotive Training Center, Warminster PA Campus Introduction: When I first started at ATC I never would have thought I would be writing an article on

Renovated and new facilities receive new systems and equipment to enable technology integration and real-world training. The structural system, particularly at existing

Foundation (NATEF) and Automotive Technician Training Standards (ATTS) requirements. Enclosed is a list of the manufacturers and other training facilities conducting summer training this year. For each training session you plan to attend, please contact the

Business Facilities – What's Driving Automotive Assembly Plant Locations? site training facilities are now expected to be a part of the incentive package. In addition, an ongoing commitment for training of new hires as well as existing

Automotive Repair Facilities Guidebook to meet the need for compliance assistance to automotive repair shops to help line automotive training program that meets the DOT requirements for receiving, preparing, offering, or transporting hazardous materials

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