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SCHOOL OF AUTOMOTIVE MACHINISTS . CATALOG SUPPLEMENT A . Volume 23, 2011 . September 1, 2011 . ADMINISTRATION . January 2, 2012 Textbooks & Manuals Included in Tuition (Supplies and lab fees included in tuition) Please visit . http

High School Textbooks (Instructional Materials) 9001 – 9071 9063 9001 9002 9041 9042 9054 9055 9052 9043 9044 9045 9051 9053 9062 9071 1401812341 Automotive Service: Inspection, Maintenance & Repair Cengage Learning (Delmar/Formerly Thomson)

SCHOOLS OF AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY 3/2010 I. AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY I COURSE DESCRIPTION This half-year course will introduce the students with the automotive industry.

Automotive Technology Program AUTO.TECH.AAS CIP 150803 Automotive Technology Associate in Applied Science Degree Admission to the program requires a high school diploma or its equivalent and a strong interest in a career in automotive technology. Admission is com-

Program Contacts Hazen High School Paul Fett 425.204.4335 th For more information on careers, visit your high school Career Center. Job Title $39,830 3,211 3,530 319 +9.9%

Nearly 400 predominantly high school automotive instructors from across the nation were in attendance. The focus of the presentation was to help instructors realize the powerful potential of technol-ogy to enhance student outcomes. As

aUtOMOtiVe teChnOlOGY sChOOl Of teChnOlOGY sOUthWest ASSOCIATE OF APPLIED SCIENCE 64 Credit Hours FIRST YEAR Fall Semester AUTC 107 Engine Principles & Design

Automotive Service; Text and Workbook: Gilles Modern Automotive Technology Shop Manual NATEF Standard Job Sheets Textbooks for home use, or internet or on-line support for homework activities. Other Important Information:

SCHOOL OF AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY LEVEL I TASK LIST textbooks, ATECH workbooks, AYES curriculum, and AYES vehicle work orders. Teacher examples of work ethics and habits, cooperative learning and teacher evaluation, will also be implemented.

High School Student Textbooks 2012‐13 Course ID # Course Title Textbook Title Publisher ISBN TEE1001/TEE1002 Intro to Engineering I and II Technology Today & Tomorrow, 5th ed., c2004 Glencoe/McGraw-Hill 0078308291

Cape May County Technical High School 188 Crest Haven Road, Textbooks, Related Readings: The current text in use is “automotive service , inspection, maintenance and repair “ with an acc ompanying lab manual of the same name.

Partnership between local companies and the local school for students to work, or at least to observe, in a short-term Suggested Textbooks/References A5 Automotive Brake Systems Curriculum Module, AYES Corporation A5 Brake Systems, CD-ROM,