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NYC DOE Schools -Lisa Type of Event Legend NYC Schools Summary Report 212-247-0602 Zulma Melendez M420 K610 14K610 AUTOMOTIVE HIGH SCHOOL Melissa Silberman 50 BEDFORD AVENUE 718-218-9301 718-599-4351 Audrey Graves K640

Performing Art, Automotive, Aviation, etc.), community use of the building, number of schools housed in the same building and SHPO This is an unusually high demand load for a school of this size. Alarm system in accordance with the New York City Building Code, New York City

AUTOMOTIVE HIGH SCHOOL 01913 √ √ PS 19 School Governance Law for New York City, Part 100.11 and the LEA’s Title I parent compact. Question 7: Tier III Activities • For each Tier III school that the LEA commits to serve, activities form is

Automotive High School 01.04.2012 5 • DataCation, an assessment management system, is in its second year of implementation at the school.

Instruction and Instructional Technology Office of Bilingual Education and Foreign Language Studies Office of School Improvement and Workgroup October 2007 Board Of Regents January 2008 Automotive High School NYC Mayoral CTE Task Force National/State Picture Joint Senate

Educational Impact Statement for the NYC Department of Education I. Summary of Proposal Chancellor Klein claims his primary goal is to create a system of great schools.

Automotive High School { E 14K610 Page 163 Admissions Priorities and Programs CTE School Admissions Priorities 1. Open to New York City residents

Fargo South High School, ND Gauthier, Pg. 96, Goodheart-Willcox Automotive Encyclpedia, 2006 (In your handout: Microsoft Office: Show readability statistics Office Button to Options to Proofing to Show Readability). Verbal

nyc doe installation of 24 linear feet x 60 feet high pipe scaffold at front of building and 24 linear feet x 60 feet high pipe scaffold at rear of building to originate from grade drawing for new building construction filed separately. nyc school construction auth.

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Liberty High School Bruce Schnur 250 West 18 Street New York, NY 10011 96K699 411 Thatford Avenue Automotive H.S. Peter G. Van Alst Anne Bussel 14-14 29th Ave. Tel: (718) 932-0909 718-460-4244 718-353-2514 Flushing New York 11365 159-01 59 Avenue