Automotive Fundamentals Class

Automotive Fundamentals Diploma (AF12) DESCRIPTION The Automotive Fundamentals diploma program is a sequence of courses designed to prepare students for careers in

EASTERN ARIZONA COLLEGE – 1 – Automotive Electrical Fundamentals Equal Opportunity Employer and Educator EASTERN ARIZONA COLLEGE Automotive Electrical Fundamentals Course Design o learner attends required class and lab sessions and shows up on time.

3. Classify automotive engines according to specific characteristics. 4. Explain the four-stroke cycle used in automotive engines. 5. Make measurements and determine an engine's displacement.

20 zIdentify the major parts of a typical automotive engine. zDescribe the four-stroke cycle. Define common engine terms. zExplain the basic function of the major parts of an

Combination of automotive mechanics theory and practical application necessary for successful employment. Program graduates receive an automotive fundamentals diploma.

Automotive Fundamentals Course Advisories: SCC minimun English and math standards. The study of automotive fundamentals including hazardous waste handling, automotive safety, automotive careers, automotive information systems, tools and

automotive use are; chemical, electrical and mechanical. For example starting an engine involves several conversions. Chemical energy in the battery is converted to electrical energy in the starter. Electrical

EASTERN ARIZONA COLLEGE – 3 – Automotive Fundamentals Equal Opportunity Employer and Educator c. Demonstrate the ability to identify needed repairs to under hood and under car

The class will primarily be taught by the lecture and demonstration method and supported by APMT AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEM FUNDAMENTALS Tulsa Tech 13-14 SY Course Syllabus Revised: 7/10/2013 Page 3 of 3 Description of Classroom, Laboratories, and

Automotive FoAms–objectives Worksheet AnsWer key module 1–overview of Automotive Foams A-2 keep a class B fire extinguisher nearby. • safety goggles or glasses, or a face shield. • the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for the

2013–2014 Chemeketa Community College Catalog 2 • Analyze, diagnose, and repair automotive components and systems in the Automotive Service Excellence areas

Automotive Fundamentals COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course provides training for students specializing in engine tune-up and repair. Class Discussions, Lecture Notes Research terms and definitions about tools, equipment and safety requirements.