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Automobile Engineering, a branch of vehicle engineering, deals with different elements of electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering. In this stream, a student learns how to design, develop, manufacture, test and repair and service automobiles. Today the demand of automobile engineer is growing day by day because India has emerged as the global hub of automobile and autocomponents manufacturer. An automotive engineer is involved in almost every aspect of cars and trucks designing from the initial concepts to manufacturing them. We can divide this engineering into three main streams for e.g. product engineering, development engineering and manufacturing engineering. Production engineers are commonly known as design engineers that focus on the design components and systems of a car. As a Development engineer, one may involve in various attributes of a car with performance, durability and speed. On the other hand, the manufacturer engineer is involved with how to make and construct various vehicles.

VR Spray Painting for Training and Design 3 3 Setup and Spray Paint Simulation Figure 1 shows the critical components of the virtual spray paint system.

So you’ve just gotten back from holiday and your budget is looking a bit bleak. Perhaps you have new clients/projects that require communicating but you just don’t know which avenue to choose. Perhaps Facebook? Then again, that’s not professional. Maybe emails?

Automotive Engineering Greater work satisfaction and independence acquired early on during the training phase are not just coincidences, but the re-

training in the automotive or automotive services industries. This da tabase, design, automotive development testing, instrument calibration, automotive test equipment operation, automotive technology maintenance and report preparation.

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Automotive Lighting: Design & Technology Automotive Lighting: LED Applications Automotive Lighting: Testing & Requirements To register, go to: or call 1-877-606-7323 (U.S. & Canada) or 1-724-776-4970 CertifiCate Program aCtar aPProVeD seminars Webinars Key

5.2 Engineering Design and Development • Custom Design 1.2 Automotive Lightweighting There are numerous benefits through automotive lightweighting. As a result, The largest training benefit to the workforce would be through

Quality Jobs Start WITH FORD OEM SERVICE INFORMATION available online at Motorcraft Service 1.* FORD ONLINE SERVICE INFORMATION FORD ONLINE SERVICE INFORMATION Workshop Manuals Wiring Diagrams Body Repair Manuals Web-Based Training and

Process and software training online, AutoNation needed a more effective and The goal was to design and develop an hour-long e-learning course to build confidence in Sales AutoNation is transforming the automotive retail industry through bold

Automotive Case Study. Case Study… Accenture And Ford eLearning 2 To design and build the system, Server software to deliver the training modules over the Web. Online credit card processing and tax calculation software was

Choose online training from a name you trust. Augusta State University Continuing Education 2500 Walton Way Construction/Automotive Technology Internet, Design and Technical Microsoft Certification Training Networking/CompTIA Certification Training

Corrosion Courses Series: Corrosion in Automotive Systems WebCorr, the Corrosion Clinic Corrosion Short Courses for In-House Training, Online and Distance Learning