Auto Mechanic Training

Welding is dangerous and expensive. As well as taking costly fuel and working with expensive material, welders who use regular equipment incorrectly can do permanent or temporary vision damage or risk serious burns. However everyone looking to become a mechanic is helped by knowing how to weld and new advances in computer simulations let students get an ever increasingly realistic taste of wielding the torch through virtual reality.

There is much more to car ownership than simply driving. This is unfortunate for those who simply want their vehicle to get them from point A to point B without having to spend any extra time, money, or even effort keeping their car on the road. However, no matter how reliable your vehicle, it will need good maintenance and there is a chance that repairs will also become necessary down the road.

Planning an automotive mechanic career can feel daunting. While you may have been lucky enough that your secondary school had auto mechanic courses or shop class, it can be very difficult to get a taste of the actual work with cars before you commit to auto mechanic training. Part of this is because of the increasing complexity of cars. Although, even as a teenager, you may have been able to afford car ownership, and did your basic maintenance, on your own of a family car, the design of modern vehicles mean that other work is generally left to sophisticated professionals who have completed the full auto mechanic apprenticeship it takes to be a modern auto service technician.

VEHICLE SERVICES TECHNICIAN / AUTO MECHANIC & VEHICLE SERVICES TECHNICIAN – HEAVY THE PURPOSE: Vehicle Service Technicians/Auto Mechanics inspect, maintain, and repair operating systems for a

Talk to your school counselor about a nontraditional career in STS. > Aircraft Mechanic Technician > Mechanic employers prefer to hire those with automotive training and education.

Auto Mechanic Pathway Automotive Engineer Pathway Automotive automotive training program instruction covers basic knowledge in brakes San Leandro, San Lorenzo Unified School Districts Eden Area ROP is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Cook Food Service Manager Baker Pastry Cook Auto Mechanic Auto Technician Specialist . Hunterdon County Vocational School District is offering training for high school juniors and seniors in the Culinary Arts Apprenticeship Program. Employment opportunities exist for graduates in

GROUP LEADER MECHANIC – CLASS 1A JOB DESCRIPTION Goals: To maintain all school district buses, vehicles and equipment in a safe mechanical and

Supervising Auto Mechanic Page 2 Prepared by Mendocino County HR, 2009. of cars and trucks in a mechanic shop or garage, with at least one year of lead work experience; or an equivalent

Restrictions that would preclude the performance of Auto Mechanic work, and must be maintained for the duration of your employment. automotive components; training of subordinates; preparation of reports and records; standards of proper

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Green Training Job Corps students who enter the Automobile Technician career technical training area will also train in a variety . of green subject areas to prepare for successful careers in the new green economy.

The automotive mechanic/welder is responsible for the full range of automotive maintenance and repair ABS brake systems, fuel management systems, automotive electrical training, and ASE certification Automotive Diagnostic. Ability to complete the following trainings as required: forklift