Auto Mechanic Training Guide

This training syllabus is prepared to serve as a guide for employers, 6. i. Technology for Motor Mechanic Part 1 (Book 1) Tools and Materials 3 rd Edition by S.C. Mudd ii. 7.3 Guide students to know functions of insulators and

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AUTO MECHANICS Page 1 of 3 PUBLISHED: JUNE, 2007 FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: AS = 2944 C-CA = 3944 AUTO MECHANICS LONG BEACH CITY COLLEGE Curriculum Guide for Academic Year 2007-2008 City College that provides training in job skills and employment opportunities.

Used by employees and the proper training and supervision of employees to keep them safe at The comparative charts in this Guide provide detailed guidance about particular problems and safety • mechanic carrying out roadside repairs was struck by a passing vehicle.

The following schedule of work experience is intended as a guide. It need not be J. RELATED TRAINING – 600 Hours / Machinist (CNC) 432 Hours Auto Body & Fender Mechanic (with painting) – 807 Author: Dunko

System bush & rack end free play worm,guide,rack bal bearing column bush column bush link kit shaft knowledge development manager on-job-training self study co-workers study visit to manager subordinates subordinates needs * Auto Mechanic performs the work in both light and heavy vehicles.

Training for a Qualified Workforce Nancy Gupton Walter H. Edling, the project. In addition to representatives from CORD, the Auto-motive Technology Education Careers (ATEC) incorporate job shadowing experiences and guide-lines as part of the program; (3)