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Pittsburgh, PA 15235 607 Beatty Road Everett, PA 19537 (814) Admiral Perry Area Vocational Technical School Central PA Institute of Science & Technology Chester County Cambria County PA 17584 (717) 464-9518 Auto Success (717) 564-8400 (717) 564-5215

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA 15213 Administration Building We are an equal rights and opportunity school district. 317111 Automotive Equipment Operator II, Auto Mechanic I and/or Auto Mechanic II positions with a COL requirement.

COX SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Dallas, TX. Master of Business PIZZA HUT Pittsburgh, PA. Restaurant Bulgarian folklore enthusiast, who enjoys the outdoors – biking, swimming and rowing. An excellent chess player and auto mechanic. Title: DAMYAN MARINOV Author: Damyan Marinov

In Pittsburgh!! Community Works At Allegent, our Commit-ment to service reaches lending services for auto fi-nancing. KLA connects credit unions with dealerships and By spending smaller amounts on maintenance you deter hefty mechanic bills and everyone is safer. 2.

Higgins, who had been a mechanic and a lumber mer-chant, couldn’t convince geologists or investors that oil was present, but he didn’t give up. Pittsburgh’s high levels of steel production. p0436-439aspe-0414s1 10/16/02 4:13 PM Page 437. A

Pittsburgh, PA Phone 888.851.7094 Fax 412.690.2444 3.8 Carpenter, Baker, Mechanic, Chef Working with Customary Units Your school plans to make and sell homemade frozen yogurt. They are having a contest for the container design.

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of School Directors of the Connellsville Area School AUTO COLLISION-AUTO MECHANIC Les Etling. Diana Senior High School German teacher, and approximately 90 students will be taking a field trip to Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA; Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Pittsburgh School of Law. The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the author. ** Licensed Motorcycle Inspection Mechanic, Pittsburgh, PA. 1 Transportation Equipment Noise Emission Controls,

Sr. High School Crabtree Rohrbaugh & Associates, Inc . Sr High AUTO COLLISION-AUTO MECHANIC Les Etling. Diana Omatick. Paul Dusch. gifted teacher, and approximately 8 students will be attending the Calcu-Solve Olympics, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA, Thursday, February

High School Diplomas (Auto Mechanic, Carpentry, Practical Nursing, Truck Driving, etc.), etc. Flight Schools: Certified Flight Instructor, Commercial Pilot, Instrument Rating, etc. * These programs,

Mike describes his approach to auto repair as conservative. including routes children use to walk to school, PAT bus routes and areas around stops, and city steps. I also suggested notifying Pittsburgh, PA 15226

Department of Human Services (Pittsburgh, PA) Decentralized Service Population! Work/School 28% Have Been Addicted to Drugs /Alcohol ¥ Auto Mechanic ¥ ÒTo be successful in whatever career I choose