Auto Mechanic Salary Chart

Facilities Maintenance of the Maintenance Department verified the adherence to the organization chart. OPPAGA verified, in Chapter 9, Use of Construction Funds, that the school board approves the plan during special monthly

San Diego Area Median Income Chart HUD Adjusted Figures December 1, 2011 . 7 Auto Mechanic Nurse Plumber Dental Assistant Secretary Hotel Clerk Hairdresser Retail Clerk Salary 35% of Gross Income for Rent and Utilities (Affordable)

Job Description Mechanic Scottsboro City Schools 2 of 2 PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: • Assist with inspecting, diagnosing, and repairing of all motorized equipment on a

Mechanics salary classification “C” ($20.89-22.94 per hour) 40 hours per week, for a 261-day annual assignment. Location: Transportation Department Microsoft Word – B071661 AUTO MECHANIC JOURNEY LEVEL.doc Author: englunds Created Date:

Auto Mechanic JOB PURPOSE: Maintains fleet of vehicles to include automobiles, trucks and various other types of powered equipment. CHARACTERISTIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:

Orange county class specification title: automotive mechanic grade: 08 title abbreviation: auto mechanic title no.: 6097

Equipment Mechanic I . Salary: $3,004 – $3,848 / month . Filing Deadline: 5:00 PM, Friday, July 19, 2013. certification in either the Auto/Light Truck or Medium/Heavy Truck series preferred, other ASE certifications will be considered.

Lead Mechanic : Carpenter : Electrician : Crime Analyst * No approved classifications from N15 -N19, Pay chart extended to accommodate CCAL Court Reporter classification only -"Salary determined by Local Gov Code not to exceed salary of Chief Deputy ****Position not active at this time

Lesson 3 Careers that Require a Two-Year Degree Auto mechanic Barber Broadcast technician Computer support Lesson 3 Earning Potential Chart data available and Professional $38,100 $34,300 90% Humanities and social science $34,600 $29,400 85% Salary information courtesy

Salary Verification (2) HUMAN RESOURCES 2013 Mechanic (Auto)(3) Fuel Truck Operator Service Advisor(2) Attendant (Early) (3) Mechanic (Bus) (15) Late Shift Shop Mgr (Sam Moss) Attendant (Late) Mechanic (Bus) (11) Service Advisor (1) Director of

Salary Differences Per Class Code Legend for the chart of Salary Differences: 3704 Auto Body Builder & Repairer $ 73,191.21 $ 62,691.20 14.35% 3706 Auto Body Repair Supervisor* $ 82,164.01 $ 67,100.80 18.33% 3707 Auto Electrician

Process, salary range, benefits, legal advice, outside assistance and subsidy for initial relocation expense if required. _____G _____ M. Staff Organizational Chart. an airplane and auto mechanic and an authority of construction ware, codes,