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Childhood home in Liberty, Indiana – commutes daily to nearby Oxford, Ohio, auto mechanic. ” The premium pay “So there are many jobs today that relate to an automotive degree.

Percent of manufacturing jobs require a postsecondary degree or certificate, and that percentage is rising. In addi-tion to computer skills, entry-level machinists are expected to know algebra and geometry. 2 Even an auto mechanic needs college-level

Page 2 cont====d LIGHT DUTY AUTO MECHANIC 3 M23-12 ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS Must possess a valid Class AA@ Commercial Driver =s License with a tank endorsement at all times or obtain

MECHANIC / AUTO BODY INCOME & EXPENSE WORKSHEET MATERIAL FOR JOBS Tires, batteries, sheet metal, mufflers, car parts, etc. MECHANIC / AUTO BODY EXPENSES (continued) included auto/truck/health) Auto rental, taxis or bus fares INTEREST

Automotive Mechanic, 5823 TS-57 June 1990 WORK COVERED This standard is used to grade all nonsupervisory jobs involved in the maintenance, repair, and

auto mechanic work experience form cont’d 3 name_____ additional information for all jobs: please check yes/no for each question:

Auto Mechanic Collision Repair Technician Accident Test Technician/Engineer Emergency Medical Technician Highway Safety Specialist Insurance Agency Owner Insurance Claims Adjuster Road Safety Researcher Safety Product Developer/Engineer

Http:// A career is an enjoyable job that challenges you. To find careers that fit you, you need to know what you like To learn more about these jobs, request free career profiles from ICPAC at http:// icpac.indiana • Auto Mechanic • Bricklayer • Building

Indiana, converts the written week; for those who worked two or more jobs, the data refer to the job where the person For example, the title "auto . mechanic" will not be found under "Auto," but only under "Mechanic." The keywords are: Apprentice . Inspector :

Regional impact and implications of auto industRy tRansfoRmation to a gReen economy Driving Workforce Change This report was produced by a research consortium of the Indiana,

WHERE TO GO FOR AUTO SERVICE MINI-LESSON INDIANA DEPARTMENT OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Low prices for standard jobs like LOF Arrange for a demonstration by a mechanic of auto maintenance work that can be performed by the vehicle owner. 2.

jobs such as electronics technician, animal health technologist, auto mechanic, medical assistant, and others. Most classes taken for the certificate or license may be trans-ferred to four Indiana University, University of Iowa, University of Michigan, Michigan State University