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For graduation with a Auto Body Repair Certificate of Achievement: 1. Refer to the Schedule of Classes ( and click the “Important Dates” link to view the actual deadline for each semester.

Auto Body Collision Repair .. 4 Automotive Technologies .. 5 B Builder, Contractor & Remodeler Technology..6 C Carpentry I any classes due to insufficient enrollment throughout the duration of the course.

Industry/Program Summary The Auto Body Collision Repair Program at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School teaches students the art and practice of

AUTO BODY/AUTO MECHANICS/ DIESEL Program Discontinuance Student Resource 1. COURSES OFFERED SUMMER 2013: These courses will first be made available to students who can complete the certificate or degree

Either first or second semester classes. **Semester order for classes and time to complete may vary for night students. Automotive Refinishing Specialist Auto Body Repair** 10 Course from GE requirement Area B 3 Course from GE requirement Area D2 3 Total 16 Third Semester units

AUTO BODY SERVICES SYLLABUS SCHOOL: Tuscola Technology The Auto Body Program is a two-year program. Students will be introduced to many phases of the Auto Body repair field. prepare themselves by taking some of the following classes to the Freshman or Sophomore level: General

Announce a brand new program in the auto body industry. If you are accepted into the program you will take classes such as Basic Metal Repair, Basic Refinishing, Color Analysis and Paint Matching. There are also classes in Collision Repair

The Auto Body Collision Repair Program at Seward County Community College/Area Technical School teaches students emphasis classes for a total of at least 45 credit hours. general education classes (6 hours of communications and 9 hours

Flow of classes for completion of the Auto Collision Repair Two-Year Certificate Fall Winter Spring Summer AB 100 Auto Body Basic Skills AB 106 Panel Repair AB 105 Frames X

Hands-on training to become skilled in all aspects of body repair, some of which may be completed as part of a formal education program. skills by reading technical manuals and furthering their education with classes and seminars.

Auto Body Repair; Auto Body Repair & Refinishing; Automotive Installation & Maintenance Day classes begin on August 14; first semester ends December 20, 2013. Second semester begins on January 7, 2014. Fees apply to adult students only.

Use the periodic table to identify the three classes of elements: metals, nonmetals, and metalloids. Auto Body Repair Technology 5th Edition. By James E.Duffy 2009 Delmar Cengage Learning. ISBN 1-4180-7353-9 . Collision Repair Fundamentals 1st Edition .